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"Hairy Fluffy" Peach | 10ml | InnoCigs

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Nicotine strength

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Hairy Fluffy Peach Aroma from InnoCigs 10ml Liquid Wholesale

The InnoCigs Hairy Fluffy Liquid is characterized by its taste creation. A flavor of red and yellow peaches develops when vaping. The liquids from the Hamburg company InnoCigs have the label made in Germany. The Hairy Fluffy 10ml Liquid is available in a completely nicotine-free version, as well as in 4 strengths that contain nicotine.

Strength ingredients: 0mg/ml
Glycerin (60% VG), propylene glycol (30% PG), water (10%), flavor

Strength ingredients: 18mg/ml
Glycerin (60% VG), propylene glycol (30% PG), water (10%), nicotine, flavor

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