HHC Vape Pen Skittlez 95% HHC 1 ml

HHC Vape Pen Skittlez 95% | 1ml

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  • Discreetly and neutrally packaged

HHC Vape Pen Skittlez 95% HHC 1ml

The taste Fruit mix
HHC salary 95%
Contents 1ml
Trains about 400
Rechargeable Yes
Tax stamp Yes
Natural terpenes Yes

With daily use, you can use a 1ml disposable vape for about 3 weeks.

✓ 95% HHC (~70% 9R-HHC)
✓ Rigorous purification process

Content :
950 mg finest HHC resin, natural terpenes

Ingredients :
950mg HHC
0.0652% CBN
0mg THC
0mg CBD
no PG, VG or MCT oils - 100% HHC

For flavors, the HHC is infused with natural terpenes.

Does not fall under the SMG or BtMG

Purchase and use only from the age of 18. Keep out of the reach of children and young people. Contains linalool; 3,7-dimethyl-1,6-octadien-3-ol; DL-linalool, citral, D-limonene, beta-pinene. Can cause allergic reactions. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after using the product.

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