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    avibes cbd blüten og kush grosshandel b2b

    avibes® CBD flowers | 7% CBD 1% CBG 0% THC | OG Kush

    3.95€ Unit price 3.95€ per g

    avibes white lemon kush cbd blüten grosshandel

    avibes® CBD flowers | 15% CBD 5% CBG 0% THC | White Lemon Kush

    3.95€ Unit price 3.95€ per g

    avibes cbd blüten california dream grosshandel

    avibes® CBD flowers | 10% CBD 3% CBG | California Dream

    3.95€ Unit price 3.95€ per g

    avibes white strawberry sorbet cbd blueten

    avibes® CBD flowers | 15% CBD 5% CBG 0% THC | White strawberry sorbet

    3.95€ Unit price 3.95€ per g

    avibes® CBD Blüten Set | 40 Packungen


    CBD flowers 0% THC wholesale

    Buy CBD flowers with 0% THC wholesale B2B

    We warmly welcome you to pamper your senses with our outstanding CBD industrial hemp flowers, which impress with a unique combination of quality and purity. Our products are the result of careful selection and rigorous testing procedures to offer you the best from the world of cannabidiol. With an impressive CBD content of 15% and an additional CBG content of 5%, our flowers exceed your expectations and offer a natural alternative for balanced well-being.

    Guaranteed THC-free thanks to intensive analysis and testing

    Our commitment to purity and safety is reflected in our thorough testing process, which ensures that our CBD industrial hemp flowers are completely free of THC. With a double analysis in German laboratories, we have confirmed our zero tolerance policy towards THC and thus offer you a product that you can trust without hesitation. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priority.

    Perfect for incense and fragrance: a sensory experience

    Experience the diverse uses of our CBD industrial hemp flowers, which not only appeal to your senses, but also offer a sensual experience. Whether used as an incense to create a relaxing atmosphere or as a scent to subtly seduce the senses, our flowers offer an aromatic experience that fulfills your desires and enriches your surroundings.

    A legal foundation for your trust

    Our commitment to quality and transparency goes beyond our products and also includes legal protection. With a comprehensive legal opinion from one of Germany's most renowned lawyers in the field of CBD, we ensure that you not only receive a high-quality product, but are also legally protected. Your trust is important to us and we will do everything we can to earn and maintain it.

    Quality, purity and expertise: our promise to you

    With our CBD industrial hemp flowers you not only receive a product, but a promise of quality, purity and expertise. We are proud to offer you a unique combination of natural benefits, strict quality standards and legal security. Immerse yourself in the world of hemp and discover the countless possibilities that our products can offer for your well-being.

    avibes cbd blüten 0% thc grosshandel b2b