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    HQD Hoova+ is redefining vaping with its advanced disposable cigarettes that offer an unparalleled smoking experience. Through intensive research and development, we have created a unique combination of quality, taste and ease of use that appeals to smokers of all types.

    Unsurpassed quality and reliability

    With a strong focus on quality, HQD Hoova+ sets standards in the disposable vape industry. Each product is manufactured and monitored with the utmost care to ensure that our customers always receive a consistently high quality product that they can rely on.

    A wide range of flavor variations to suit individual preferences

    Our wide range of flavors allows consumers to customize their personal vaping experience. From refreshing fruit blends to classic tobacco flavors, HQD Hoova+ offers a selection that meets every taste and guarantees unique taste experiences.

    Simplicity and comfort for modern lifestyles

    As disposable cigarettes, HQD Hoova+ products offer unbeatable ease of use and convenience. No refills, no complicated operating instructions - just unpack and enjoy. This form of vaping fits seamlessly into hectic lifestyles and offers a hassle-free alternative to traditional smoking.

    High quality materials for a first class experience

    At HQD Hoova+, we use only the highest quality materials to ensure every product provides a premium vaping experience. From production to packaging, every detail is carefully considered to ensure our customers receive a product they can rely on.

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